Why Rent with Metru

Why work with us to find an apartment?

We don't just give you listings, we find you a new home.

We know there's plenty of real estate information out there. Our goal is to leverage our experience and expertise with the best technology tools to make your home search process as friendly and seamless as possible. We are not just there to open the door; we are there to help you find a home!

Metru has thousands of listings to choose from, ranging from luxury highrises downtown with an endless list of amenities to more intimate low-rise and single-family dwellings in the neighborhoods and beyond. We are not a property management company, so we are not limited in the listings we can show you. Our database has thousands of listings updated in real-time, including non-exclusives, in-house exclusives that you will only find through us, and MLS listings. We can show you just about every rental that is currently on the market in Chicago! Best of all, Metru is a free service to renters. We earn our commission from the landlord or property manager of a unit, which is why we are a FREE service to renters.

We help thousands of renters find a new home every year. If you're new to Chicago or aren't sure where you'd like to move, start by visiting our comprehensive neighborhood guides. You can narrow your search by learning more about property types, things to do, public transportation, and much more. If you already know where you'd like to live, visit our rentals search page and use our tools to help you stay informed and connected throughout your search. You can create an account to save your listings, set up alerts to be notified when new listings come on the market that meet your criteria, email listings to friends and family, share listings on social media, and much more. Then, once you're ready to view selected properties, connect with one of our dedicated knowledgeable agents, who will guide you through the application and lease.

Alternatively, give us a call at 773-698-8383 or email us at info@metru.com and we'll match you with an agent, who is a local expert in the area(s) you're interested in.

If you decide to see multiple properties with one of our professional licensed Realtors or leasing agents, we will make your search for a new home an easy 3-step process. We will:

  • Match you with rental listings based on your criteria by searching our extensive internal database and the multiple listing service (MLS). You can also search our database and let your agent know which listings interest you.
  • Facilitate property viewings, including driving you to properties.
  • Handle your application for your desired property from start to finish.

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