Fred Chubin

Fred Chubin

Real Estate Broker

Fred strives to provide the best professional service and can help you with any residential real estate search. Whether you are looking to purchase or to rent and whether this will be your first home or you are moving to a new abode, Fred will exceed your expectations. Fred excels at communicating with each client and offering direction for each individual client's needs.

Fred has been a licensed real estate agent for ten years, specializing in North Side apartments, as well as helping professionals and students moving to the city find their first apartment in Chicago. Fred is also an able and experienced resource for investors interested in buying or selling investment property. As a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE), Fred has the skills to ensure that you will get the best value possible and that you have an excellent experience with Elan.

Fred is proud to be a member of Elan Realty Group's professional real estate team. Before joining Elan, he had the privilege of working at ReMax and Smart Property USA. Fred has a degree in Business Operations from DeVry and worked in business operations prior to launching his career in real estate. As a native Chicagoan, Fred knows Chicago and the surrounding suburbs very well. He grew up in Rogers Park and attended Rogers Elementary School and Mather High School.

March 2015 by Paul B. , West Town
Mr. Fred Chubin of Elan was very helpful in finding me both a temporary apartment to live in on two days notice, as well as a property I made an offer on and closed recently. He has a good working knowledge of the north side of Chicago, and quickly understood what my priorities were and found a range of interesting properties that were mostly within my parameters and price range, as well as a few just outside, which was useful to understand where the market was. The house I just bought was well within my price range and budget for repairs, suits my needs perfectly, and is only two blocks from the California Blue Line stop. Proximity to the L is critical for me (not having a car), and Fred was good at finding reasonable properties within that constraint without busting my budget. He was able to get me into a majority of the interesting properties, and the few he could not were not due to Fred or Elan, but rather sloppy and unprofessional practice of the seller or the seller''s agent.

March 2015 by Lacey B.
I had already been denied an apartment due to bad credit. I contacted Elan Realty in regards to a Studio I had seen an ad for, and the phone was answered by Fred Chubin. I explained my situation: I own a dog, I have somewhat bad credit, and I need a place to live. Fred was great from the first moment I spoke to him. He told me to stop panicking, and that he could help. He guided me through steps to get my credit back on track-surely not part of his job, but certainly information I needed. He then spoke with a management company on my behalf. He found me a great unit, fought the credit fight for me, and I just found out today that I''ve been accepted for the Studio!
Thanks Fred, and thanks to Elan Realty.

March 2015 by Merrill K.
Just rented an apartment from Elan Realty Group and Fred Chubin made it easy. I told him what I was looking for and he took me to 2 places here in Chicago. The 2nd place was what I was looking for. I was approved in 1 day. Found the apartment on Monday, approved Tuesday and move-in on Friday. So far so good! Sign the lease today, get the keys today and all seems to me going well. So if you want a guy who knows what you want Fred Chubin is your guy!!!!!

March 2015 by Goutam P. , Evanston / Northwestern University
I reached out to Elan leasing to look out for an apartment in evanston. Fred Chubin from Elan showed me multiple apartments which fitted in my budget and are ready to move in. This really gave me a good choice and didnt had to go to some other firm to look out for more apartments.

Fred is honest, straight forward and most importantly he understood my needs and constraints of an apartment. The apartments in Evanston were getting filled every other day and I was running out of options; however it was nice to see Fred determined enough to find an apartment for me which suits my needs.

Overall, I had a nice experience with Elan.

March 2015 by Lorant K.
After a LOONG search on craigslist nd other websites, someone gave me Fred Chubin''s card from Elan group.

He showed me the appartment I wanted to rent, then asked me if I want to see another, which he thinks its similar to what I need.

what can I was PERFECT! for the same amount of money we have parking too, now.

A+ and thank you, Fred!

March 2011 by Carla
Hey Fred!

Thanks for advocating on my behalf...

I appreciate what you did for me. Every time I awaken to the dawn over the lake, I will thank Fred Chubin. And that kinda kharma always helps, yes?

With gratitude,